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The Anatomy of a Roof: Part 2

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

8. Laminated Architectural Shingles:

Laminated architectural asphalt shingles contain more than one layer of tabs to add dimension, performance and durability to a roof. Architectural shingles are sometimes referred to as three-dimensional shingles or laminated shingles. The opposite of architectural shingles are three-tab shingles, which are produced as a single layer of tabs and appear flat or without the dimension of a laminated shingle.

9. Roof Gable:

A roof gable is the triangular section of the outer wall at the peak of the roof between a sloping roof and eave. A roof gable is sometimes referred to as a rake.

10. Metal drip edge:

Metal drip edge is a narrow strip of noncorrosive metal used at the rake and eave to help manage dripping water by facilitating water runoff to protect the underlying section of a wall.

11. Dormer:

A dormer is a raised section of the roof. Dormers commonly contain a window that projects vertically through the slope in the roof.

12. Ice and water barrier:

An ice and water barrier is a self-adhered waterproofing material installed along eaves, valleys, side walls, and other sensitive areas to protect against ice damage and wind-driven rain.

13. Eave:

An eave is the lower border of the roof that overhangs the wall usually located in the first three feet of a roof.

14. Undereave vent:

Undereave vents are intake vents located under the eaves of the roof that help draw cool dry air into the attic.

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